We help startups with product-market fit navigate difficult circumstances and survive.

The mentor-driven program’s focus is on identifying opportunities and challenges in these times of uncertainty, and implementing experimental methodologies to navigate the transition from a peacetime to wartime company.

Program Benefits

  • 360 Degree Review of market, model, team, product, tech etc
  • Crisis Founder Competencies & Fundraising in the Age of Covid
  • 3 months of intensive program to implement experimental methodologies
  • Weekly 1:1 with Growth/Resilience Manager to address individual needs
  • Expert Workshops or weekly content delivered by active/hands on experts
  • Access to 15+ Experts/Entrepreneurs in Residence
  • Access to a global network of thousands of tech talents, media, corporations etc
  • Support for the team in gaining wartime capabilities
  • Identify current challenges that the startups face (determine and optimize current runway)
  • Identify strategies to lower costs and maintain (or tap into new) revenue sources


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